Descendants of Mary (Towne) Esty

Here is the link to Descendants of Mary Towne Estey, a PDF file of a WikiTree site. She is referred to as Mary (Towne) Esty in the article on Bathsheba (Thayer) Sherman and the Harrisville haunting.

Esty, a pillar of the community in Salem and a notably pious member of her church, was found guilty of witchcraft during the panic of 1692 and, despite her obvious innocence, was hanged on September 22.

In the 2013 movie The Conjuring, it was alleged that long-dead town resident Bathsheba Sherman was one of the spirits supposedly haunting the Harrisville home. It was further alleged that Bathsheba was a descendant of Mary Esty. However, it may be noted on the attached PDF that none of Mary Esty’s descendants are listed among the ancestors of Bathsheba (Thayer) Sherman.


  1. bidisha · · Reply

    I saw Bathsheba’s image in the conjuring movie. She is so creepy.

  2. Stan Crawford · · Reply

    My 8th G. Grandmother as follows; Moses & Sarah Howland have a son,
    Samuel Esty m. Mary Hafford their son, William m. Eleanor, their daughter
    Sarah Ann Esty m. Charles Barrett Simmons, are my G. Grandparents.
    Stan Crawford

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